With my art, I wanted to present a different approach to realism in art. Refusing to be obliged to an artistic movement while doing so, I created my own art style.


In time, my works evolved from a pictographic conception into a pictorial concept, and this evolution sprang to life through symbolical messages in my paintings.


I express my inner world in my paintings. These worlds bring themselves into existence through fictional and pop imagery. I transfer these mental manifestations onto paper without making use of esquisses. Without abiding by a particular text, feeling or notion and not being able avoid making references – lines flow freely onto paper, creating patterns by intertwining and alternating with each other.


I think that pop culture elements which I have been using in my paintings since 2020 created a new path in Pop Art while they are portrayed through my doodle drawings. I call my expressive art performance “DOODLISM”.


My biggest dream is having my paintings which I create through Doodle find a place in our art life. I strongly believe that Keith, my biggest source of inspiration would feel the same way.

 © 2022 by Küntay Tarık Evren

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