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Key Paper Factory is a renowned manufacturer of paper products.

Recently, I have designed an isometric world that encapsulates the story of the Key brand. The story begins with a small seedling, representing the humble beginnings of Key Paper Factory. As the seedling grows, it symbolizes the company's commitment to nurturing its operations and expanding its reach.


Within this isometric world, we witness the various stages of paper production. The factory is depicted as a bustling hub of activity, with workers dedicated to crafting high-quality paper. The intricate machinery and processes highlight Key's commitment to innovation and technological advancement.

As the story progresses, the isometric world showcases Key's emphasis on sustainability. Renewable energy sources power the factory, and recycling initiatives are highlighted, representing the brand's dedication to environmental responsibility.

The isometric world also portrays the Key brand's global presence. We see paper products being shipped to various corners of the world, illustrating the company's commitment to serving diverse markets and meeting the needs of customers worldwide.

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