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Here is Where My Story Begins!

Manifest and


Discover The Artist’s World
Where He Tames The Chaos.

"Küntay Tarık Evren (May 19, 1989 - ) is a Turkish painter, art director

and graphic artist known for his unique style of reinterpreting comic book characters in his work.

He captures spontaneous mental expressions in his art and has developed a distinctive style in pop art.

The artist creates doodle art. These impromptu sketches represent free expression of his inner self without

adhering to a particular art movement.

Küntay has won the award for 'Best Newspaper Advertising Campaign' in the advertising industry and

has also served as art director for many brands. Shares of his artwork, 'Teddy Bear,' have been offered to the public on a digital platform. The artist shares his own art through workshops. He has collaborated with 100 children to create a joint painting in the Omm Museum, which is now on display in the museum.


Küntay completed his education at the Fine Arts Faculty in Milan and

has an MBA in social media and brand management."